The Book of Unholy Mischief & The Coffee Trader

Book Pairing


These two novels were very similar, sharing more of a “spool” than just a thread.  Both books have to do with our weakness of culinary temptations, whether it is succulent meals in the first title, or the addiction of coffee in the second one.  Both are historical fiction  (even around the same time period, with just about a century between them), they each take place in Europe (one in Venice, the other in Amsterdam) and both have an element of mystery in them.  Interestingly enough, I listened to both of these novels, and I really liked the way they were narrated.  Basically, if you enjoyed one of these books, you will definitely like the other.  They almost go hand in hand.  If you are a fan of Historical Fiction, I recommend these two titles.  The description and details of the times are very well done.

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