Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand & The Tower, the Zoo and the Tortoise

Book Pairing


If you enjoy British humor, then you will like these two novels.  To me they both had the same tone: moments where you could pee yourself laughing, yet also some more somber points.  The first title by Helen Simonson deals with the main characters facing widowhood, while the second book by Julia Stuart deals with the main couple experiencing the grief of losing a child—but they both succeed in making you feel warm inside and believing in love, no matter how old you are.  Do these titles share a thread or a spool?  It is not so evident for these picks, I have to admit.  They both take place in contemporary England and deal with sadder situations (kind of like dark comedy), but the topic or plot of the story differs between the novels.  I guess you would have to be the judge on this one, if you did happen to read them both.  I’m leaning more towards spool than thread—what do you think?

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