The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Book vs. Movie


Another book that left me just speechless.  When the movie version came out two years after the book, I couldn’t wait to see how it would portray all the characters.  I actually did not read the book, I listened to it.  I have to say that I really loved to hear the narration—it was very well done and made you feel so much anger towards Bruno’s father.  After seeing the movie, I have to confess that listening to the novel was better.  The movie was well done for the most part, but I think Bruno’s father in the movie seems more flaky and not as hard-core as I was convinced he was by hearing his angered booming voice in the audio version.  I admit that I was totally shocked by the ending after hearing it on CD, but I did not cry (even though I’m a fairly emotional person), until I saw the movie.  I guess the visual aspect has more impact emotionally and helps you to sympathize with what happens.

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