People of the Book

A Five Star Pick

Say what you want about this novel,  but I just got sucked into it.  The idea of the story and how it is presented was really interesting and unique.  Hanna Heath is a rare book expert from Australia who is called to look at an ancient copy of the Haggadah that was found in Sarajevo.  As she goes through the text, she finds an insect wing, a wine stain, a salt water mark, and a sliver of hair—all of which connect the reader to the person who used to have posession of the sacred book in the past.  The chapters go back and forth from Hanna’s present day research to the insight of the characters (over a span of many years) who actually had the artifact in their hands.  Of course, Hanna never really knows the real thoughts of the characters and their background as intimately as the reader does, but she gets a general idea of where and how the book had traveled, not to mention what kind of people may have had access to it.  I admit that my favorite parts of the book were when the story goes back in time, but without the present, there wouldn’t be anything holding the novel together.  Therefore, this title gets my five thumbs up!

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