Pride and Prejudice and Zombies & Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

Book Pairing


Besides the fact that these two books have the original stories of Jane Austen’s work, they also have been made into gory but humorous spoofs.  I listened to both of these, so it was very entertaining!  They are also read by the same person (Katherine Kellgren), who does a wonderful job in her English accent.  I never read the real versions of these two stories, so perhaps I am getting the cherry on top by hearing a modified version of two already engaging novels.  I can’t say these books are boring—the bulk of the action happens when zombies or sea monsters attack.  You also have to be the kind of person who can stomach vivid details of disgusting moments when it comes to the descriptions of each horror scene.  This pair shares more spool than thread, seeing that only the plot is different.  If you like the occassional mindless stupidity of ghoulish appearances mixed with some romance, these are a hit—especially for Halloween.

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