The Cello Suites

A Five Star Pick

Who says I can’t pick a phenomenal non-fiction book?  I do have my favorites on the documentary side of the library as well—so you’ll be seeing my favorite five star worthy titles in this category also.  The Cello Suites really grabbed me, probably because I have a fascination with Mozart.  Yes, I know this book is about Bach, but I became interested in classical music because of my all-time favorite movie Amadeus.  So when I picked this title up, I just followed along with eagerness.  Not only did I learn about Bach as he was growing up and composing his music, I also learned about Pablo Casal’s life (mirroring the composer’s) within each section.  May I say the formatting was brilliantly done: each section represented a suite (so there are six sections), but in each of them, there are chapters reflecting the tone and progress of that suite (from beginning to end).  The tone, very cleverly matches the mood and circumstances in the lives of Bach and Casal.  Read it—and you will get what I’m saying!  The writing just flows and the book keeps your interest until the very end.

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