The Disappeared & Because I Have Loved and Hidden it

Book Pairing


The thread these two novels share has to do with missing lovers and the fact that both female characters pining for their lost loves reside in Montreal.  Apart from that, each book takes on a different yet intimate and deep path, where we discover the longings or secrets of Anne and Julia respectively.  In Echlin’s story, Anne has fallen in love with a Cambodian refugee named Serey (who she meets in Montreal and who goes back to search for his family in Cambodia, during the Khmer Rouge years).  In Because I Have Loved and Hidden It, Julia falls for a married Nicholas (who one day disappears during a trip to Europe, while she is left in Montreal to cope with whether he has actually died or has decided to leave his wife and old life behind).  Both are written in a poetic way but The Dissappeared is almost written in short thoughts just like a diary or journal entries and is, therefore, a very fast but emotional read.

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