Gorgeous East & Doing Dangerously Well

Book Pairing

Gorgeous East   Doing Dangerously Well

I have to say that the only threads pulling these two titles together would be the tone of the book and the quirky, interesting characters featured in each story.  While Girardi’s novel deals with French foreign legionnaires and focuses on their mission, Enahoro’s work looks at a different kind of mission: saving Nigeria from a catastrophic dam accident.  When I said the tone is similar, I am not joking.  Both books deal with rather serious topics, like war and politics (which can sometimes be interchanged), respectively.  However, no matter the subject, they are both set in contemporary times and have a lot of humorous moments.  The two authors do a great job getting you to laugh.  In each novel, there are characters you can pick as your favorites and then charcters that you just love to hate!  Chances are, if you like one of these books, you will probably enjoy the other.

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