One Day

Book vs. Movie

One Day (book)   One Day (movie)

I was a little disappointed when I saw the ratings for this movie.  I knew I wanted to see it because I really enjoyed the book.  It was actually surprising that they decided to make a film out of this novel because when I read it, it wasn’t a big hype here, at the library.  In fact, I picked up the book because of the title and because the plot appealed to me.  The story did satisfy me, but I was a little surprised and sad about the ending.  When my friend told me they were making the movie, we wondered how Anne Hathaway would portray Emma (she is capable of doing the British accent—as seen from Becoming Jane), and I was thinking: who was this  Jim Sturgess (if I would have seen The Other Boleyn Girl or Across the Universe, I would have known)?  Would he do a good job being Dexter?  I can honestly say that the movie was good.  A friend who came to see it with me had never read the book and she said she loved it!  So, I don’t understand why so many people thought it was boring or not worthy of being seen.  Again, the novel explores a little more and perhaps readers or fans of the book will enjoy the film, but maybe the poor ratings are from those who don’t dig British movies or people who have not read the story.  Right now, the book is on a waiting list because of the movie!  I wonder what that means …

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