The Gargoyle & Waiting for Columbus

Book Pairing

The Gargoyle   Waiting for Columbus

I can’t say that there is a huge spool between these two titles, but there are definitely a few threads.  When Davidson’s novel came out, it created quite a small fan base—especially here at the library.  It was different and compelling and even left you wondering if the eccentric character in the story was who she claimed to be.  Trofimuk’s book came out a year later and I have to admit that there was a similarity, in terms of people in the story believing they are someone else and falling in love with the protagonist.  Both stories feature hospital or psychiatric wards and are written by Canadian authors.  Each work is equally entertaining but have a sad note to them.  Another thread is that a tragedy caused by an accident has brought the couples together, respectively.  We never really get an answer at the end of The Gargoyle, but we find out what happened to the man who claims to be Christopher Columbus in Waiting for Columbus.  If you enjoy storytelling through the eyes of dilusional people, these two novels will take you on a ride.

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