A Christmas Carol

Book vs. Movie

A Christmas Carol (Book)    A Christmas Carol (Movie)

There are several versions of this Dickens’ classic—with cartoon characters, muppets, and even computer animated people taking on the role of Scrooge.  Every year, however, I need to watch the original black and white movie starring Alastair Sim.  It just doesn’t feel like a complete holiday if I don’t see it.  I always get that tingly feeling running down my spine when I can remember almost all the words and scenes in sequence.  What especially pleases me is that this version of the movie does not diverge from the novel.  I was always familiar with the different portrayals of this story on the TV, but when I actually read the book in my Victorian Lit class (several years ago), I realized the Alastair Sim rendition is quite word for word.  It is so interesting to see Dickens’ plot come to life with the gothic tone that he meant for his readers to see.  There is no music, Muppets or Micky Mouse to color over the reality of stinginess.  This version of the film is what Dickens would probably have wanted from his work, and it is well done.  Which one is your favorite Scrooge adaptation and why?

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2 Responses to A Christmas Carol

  1. Anna says:

    I’m with you all the way. It is a really dark book. I taught it once – lots of great imagery and ideas in it (and all Dickens!) Thanks for reminding me of this classic film!

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