Small Hotel & The End of the Alphabet

Book Pairing

A Small Hotel   The End of the Alphabet

I will say that these two titles only share threads, but it is enough to link them together.  First off, they are both about middle-aged married couples, going through a hardship (one is facing divorce, while the other must deal with the husband’s prognosis of a terminal illness).  The way we are introduced to the characters and what they are going through is done in the same way:  we get a glimpse of the characters’ thoughts while also being bystanders, instead of feeling that we are involved with their situations.  In this way, it is similar to watching a movie or play.  The writing is in easy and simple terms (as if they were written by the thought processes of the characters themselves) and they both end on a hopeful note, despite the sad issues.  Physically, they are also very small and short books, so they are fast reads.  The interesting thing here to note, is that while Small Hotel reminded me of The End of the Alphabet, I didn’t really enjoy the latter.  I actually shed a few tears for Olen’s story but I don’t remember crying for Richardson’s work—and it deals with death!  Why don’t you read each one and be the judge?  It won’t take up too much of your time.

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