Second Sight

A Five Star Pick

Second SightAlright.  A lot of you out there may find this book cheesy, but it was written for the purpose of attracting those who are into historical fiction, yet like romantic suspense and a little hocus pocus—if I may say.  This novel is the first in the Arcane Society series, which you should be advised that not all titles in this collection are set in the same time frame.  There are contemporary settings and historical ones (the latter being the one I prefer).  Quick is known to write hot love scenes, but I will admit that they are tastefully done and quite entertaining too.  The reason it is one of my favorite titles is because there is a mix of many ingredients that I enjoy, just coming together to make an interesting story.  There is an element of the fantastical, since the leading lady has the gift of being a seer.  The romance already begins in chapter two, leaving your mouth dry but your lips smiling.  It is one of those books that are considered a “light read”: the kind where you don’t have to think and you don’t feel run over with emotion from a deep or thought provoking plot.  You can just sit back and relax without having to agonize over what the characters are getting involved in.  To be sure, you like Venetia and Gabriel, but there is no strong or deep connection to them.  This story focuses primarily around the mystery that needs to be solved and the love affair that develops between the main people in the novel.  When you just want your mind to escape or feel like it is on vacation, this book is a good choice.

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