Little Red Riding Hood

Book vs. Movie

Little Red Cap   Red Riding Hood (movie)

As we know, this is a famous fairy tale that has been told and written a countless number of times—with various endings (some pleasant, others horrifying).  The actual story of a little girl walking in the woods and being affronted by a wolf has been around as far back as the 14th century.  The first printed version was seen in Charles Perrault’s  Histoires ou contes du temps passé, which was published in 1697.  Many countries have taken on their own renditions of the fable, but it did originate in France.  The most popular version, however, is from the Grimm brothers—which is called Little Red Cap.  I am familiar with both takes on the folk tale, as I read them in a Children’s Literature course way back in my college days.  What I love about the movie is that it introduces a whole different spin.  In the film, Red Riding Hood does have a grandmother and there is a werewolf who goes around killing people—but the interesting thing here is that the werewolf may very well be one of Red Riding Hood’s admirers in town, or the grandmother herself!  The movie is gothic and passionate (which touches on Perrault’s message about “the loss of innocence”), but also very suspenseful—for it keeps you guessing till the very end.  It is cool to see how a children’s fable can be made into an adult drama.  In fact, the big screen version was so well done that it left nothing to be desired.  What did you think?  Was the idea for the film original?  If you had a fairy tale you wanted to make into a box office hit, which one would it be?

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    • Melissa says:

      I give it my best shot. Wonder if anyone else wrote something like this. I’m sure there were reviews of the movie, but how far did they go into the actual fairy tale part?

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