The Alexandria Link


The Alexandria LinkCotton Malone, a former covert U.S. Justice Department operative gets more than he bargained for when his rare books shop becomes a victim to arson and his teenage son a victim of abduction.  The story weaves its way through Malone’s well kept secret, which is linked to the famous Library of Alexandria.  He has to deal with his missing child, his devastated ex-wife and malicious men of power in the government—all while trying to prevent a catastrophe from happening between the world of politics and religion.  The action already begins at the start of the novel and it doesn’t stop till the last page.  Follow Malone as he runs against time, traveling the globe from Denmark to England, Germany, Austria and even Portugal.  This is the second book featuring Malone and there are many more that follow.  His character is one that can be likened to those heroes that save the day from disastrous consequences … kinda like Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt in the movie, Mission Impossible.  If that is the kind of adventure you are looking for in a good read, then The Alexandria Link is a fair bet.

HisLit title read-alikes:
Berry’s title is considered a thriller and an action novel, so if you are into “movie” type pacing, you might consider reading similar stuff to it.  Below are suggestions of books to read if you have already read The Alexandria Link and enjoyed it.
The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
I, Sniper by Stephen Hunter
The Wolf at the Door by Jack Higgins

HisLit author read-alikes:
If you liked all of Steve Berry’s books, Novelist has other author recommendations who write in a similar fashion:
-Raymond Khoury (Conspiracies steeped in history, international destinations and powerful unseen forces thwarting the valiant efforts of the hero are part of what make his books so thrilling and comparable to Berry. Cloak and dagger suspense punctuates the historic depth explored in his work.  Start with The Last Templar.)
-Charles Brokaw (He writes fast-paced suspense stories in which the protagonist finds himself on a quest to find an artifact or solve a historical secret. Conspiracy theories abound in these adventurous books.  Start with The Atlantis Code.)
-Stuart Woods (Like Berry, he writes fast-paced and suspenseful books of Suspense stories for adults in which secrets and murder are the main topics.  Start with Under the Lake.)

Get ready to immerse yourself in these mind-blowing thrillers and you won’t be sorry.

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