The Woman Who Would be Pharaoh & Queen of Shadows

Book Pairing

The Woman Who Would be Pharaoh   Queen of Shadows

It might not seem so evident at first glance, but these novels do have similar themes.  Even though they take place in different centuries and locations, they are both about women who struggle for power on the throne.  Also, each woman suffers in her marriage since she is not happy with her betrothed.  Ankhesenamen is in love with a lower-class citizen and Queen Isabella gets married to a man who enjoys the intimate company of other men instead.  Another thing in common between the two books is that they are known as biographical fiction—they tell a story about a real person, but most of the accounts are either made up or embellished.  Both queens have very strong characters, whom we feel genuine sympathy for (regardless of some decisions that they end up making).  Whether you find yourself in ancient Egypt among the colossal monuments built for the gods, or in the middle of a brutal midieval beheading, the descriptions in both novels really make you feel as if you were present during those eras.  There is a fair amount of love scenes in each as well, with some explicit sexuality!  If you are even remotely interested in royalty from the distant past, you will be thoroughly entertained.

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  1. I always was concerned in this topic and still am, thank you for posting.

  2. simply wanted to comment on your wonderfully designed website, awesome job!

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