The Three Musketeers

Book vs. Movie

The Three Musketeers    The Three Musketeers (movie)

Another classic tale that has been remade tons of times at the movies.  I read the novel, which was very long but entertaining and I decided to compare it to the 1993 film version because this was the one I saw at the theater for the first time during my teenage crazed years.  I didn’t even see the latest rendition that came out last year because I was upset that people didn’t think the 90’s take was good enough.  Then I realized that many people were probably thinking the same thing about my favorite choice.  Why wouldn’t the 1973 or ’48 version do?  To each his own—but the one that stars Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen and Chris O’Donnell is the one I am familiar with.  Of course the book is too long to make any 2 hour movie word for word from the novel, but my selection did quite an impressive job at it!  My favorite Musketeer is Porthos, who was smartly played by Oliver Platt.  Everyone else took on their roles with obvious talent.  Special acknowledgement also goes to Rebecca De Mornay (as the seductive and dangerous Countess D’Winter) and Tim Curry—who was oh so wonderful as the villain Cardinal Richelieu.  There is tons of swashbuckling action and moments of laughing till you cry.  It is loosely based on Dumas’ work, but good just the same.  What can I say, the cast and crew did a really ramarkable job and I loved it so much I own it at home.  In fact, I just watched it a few days ago.  Which movie version did you enjoy?  Did anyone see a French remake?

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4 Responses to The Three Musketeers

  1. Edith-Cecilia Varga says:

    Yay! Great choice for book vs. movie. It was actually the 1993 movie which made me want to go and read the book as a teenager. I remember how we each had our favorite musketeer. Fun times!
    I even remember drawing a few sketches of Aramis at the height of our love affair with the movie.

    • Melissa says:

      I believe I read the book after the movie too. I think I even wanted to write a story about it as well. So funny how many things we bacame avid fans of!

  2. Jess says:

    I remember reading *The Three Musketeers* when I was younger, and I thoroughly enjoyed the 1993 film version when I saw it. I have not seen the latest film adaptation of the book, but I would be interested in checking it out…

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