Sarah’s Key

Book vs. Movie

Sarah's Key    Sarah's Key (movie)

I couldn’t wait to see the movie for this novel.  I was wondering how they would change, add or leave things out from the film.  Surprisingly, the screen version did quite well with the rendition.  I think the movie was more emotional because of the visuals we get.  You actually see the way Sarah endures her misfortune and the raw reality of her family’s situation.  There are so many scenes that are much more devastating to look at when they take place in front of your eyes than just imagining the suffering that happens in the book.  My one complaint about the movie, which is unfortuate, is that the subtitles for English were really poorly done.  It was quite embarassing to read the subtitles, realizing that there were typos, spelling mistakes and in some cases—not even the right phrases being said.  I am by no means perfect in French, but I think I would have been able to translate the dialogue better than that.  It is the first time I notice this with a French film.  It was as if they just got Google translate or Yahoo Bablefish to do the work—with unprofessional results.  Beside that one technical error, the actors themselves portrayed their characters in a satisfying and realistic way.  Just a word: if you found yourself crying while reading the story, you will definitely find yourself losing even more tears when you watch it.

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