Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do and What it Says About Us


Traffic: Why We Drive the Way we DoAll you drivers out there will want to read this one.  It opened my eyes to certain facts about rules on the road and why there is as much traffic as there is.  In Montreal, there are other factors that can contribute to congestion on the highway, but believe it or not—our driving habits are making it worse!  Vanderbilt’s reasoning for observations that he recorded while traveling the globe, show how drivers think more or less the same: only I exist in my car and you have to deal with it!  He mentions interesting facts about the false impressions we have with larger cars/trucks and why there are higher mortality rates of women drivers (no, it is not because we are bad behind the wheel).  He dissects the mind of drivers from the moment they step in the car, to the moment they have reached their destination.  As drivers, we do not think of all the thoughts and processes going on through our brains when we start the engine and press on the pedals.  Driving has become second nature to us and we get stuck in our ways, believing our habits are the best ones.  Looking at drivers psychologically really helps us to understand how a car will get from A to B, and I think taking the time to analyze ways in which we can avoid annoyances on the road or even fatalites is very much worth it!  If you love your car and the freedom of driving, you should read this.
Surprisingly, we do not have any other books in the library about driving habits or the psychology of driving—so this topic is fairly different and new.  If you want to know specific rules of the road or test your knowledge about updates to the highway safety code here in Quebec, check out the SAAQ website:
There are tons of interesting tips for the different seasons and advice for keeping your car in good condition.  Information about your driver’s licence is also available on the site.
You may find The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) useful to you for general help on the highway or for when you travel with your car on business trips and vacations.  Here is their site:
Interestingly enough, The Weather Network has valuable information on driving and car safety as well.  Click on the link below to access the cool tips and suggestions for your car, as well as traffic reports:
Please remember to be courteous to others on the road, stay safe and enjoy the ride!  After all, being a good driver includes how vigilant you are when behind the wheel AND also how well you maintain your vehicle.

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