The Invisible Bridge & The Postmistress

Book Pairing

The Invisible Bridge   The Postmistress

If you have read Orringer’s book then you will probably enjoy Blake’s work as well.  The thread that holds these two titles together would be the time frame (which takes place during the Second World War) and how the characters involved cope with the horrors.  The Invisible Bridge is a thick volume—almost twice the length of The Postmistress but the tone for both of them really is the same.  The first novel goes more into depth surrounding the lives of three Jewish Hungarian brothers and how one of them studies in Paris to become an architect.  In the second story, a woman is given the responsiblity to deliver a letter during the time when London is being bombed.  A continuous theme that shows up in both books has to do with correspondance and media (through the mail and radio broadcasting).  There is also a love story which plays a big role in each novel.  Both authors are successful in making the reader feel as if they are situated in the middle of the destruction and helplessness but also of that struggle for survival and hope for a better day.  These are two very memorable tales that will stay with you for a while.  I would recommend them, especially to those who have not witnessed or lived through World War II.

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