The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Book vs. Movie

The Invention of Hugo Cabret     Hugo (movie)

I would first like to say that this story, whether in print or on film, is very magical and takes you away.  There are definitely noticeable differences between the book and movie that range from subtle to obvious.  One of the major changes between these two formats is how Isabelle gets her heart-shaped key.  As well, in the screen version, it is Hugo who brings her to the movies (instead of the other way around).  I found that the relationship between Isabelle and Hugo is more aggressive and unfriendly in the book, whereas in the film there is almost instant sympathy on Isabelle’s part when she meets Hugo.  Another difference that we see in the movie is that there is a little more focus on some of the other characters at the train station—including the Station Inspector’s love life.  What I did like with the novel is how the story came to be written.  In the movie, Isabelle decides she will write about all that happened with Hugo and her godfather, but the print version is actually the product from an automaton that Hugo has invented.  We learn in the book how Isabelle becomes a goddaughter to Georges Méliès, but we never find out in the movie.  I say everyone should expose themselves to both renditions—they complement each other and overlap, so all mysteries to certain questions are solved.  It really is a nice tale that is perfect for any age!

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