A Five Star Pick

MiddlemarchThis is one of my favorite novels from the Victorian period.  It is also quite a lengthy book, but I still found it engaging—even though many people might think it dry.  It takes a look at the hierarchy of social classes in England during the 19th century and the personal lives of two main characters (Dorothea and Dr. Lydgate) who are unhappy in their practical marriages.  You have to like the era, enjoy the dialogue and imagine the description of the setting, clothing and manners.  It is also very political.  This book will not appeal to all readers, but it is a good bet for Jane Austen fans, as it has the same feel and occasional moments of flirting between men and women in the story.  In fact, Eliot was probably a little inspired by Jane Austen’s books.  When I first heard of this title, I thought the author was actually a man—but it was just a pseudonym for Mary Anne Evans.  She used this name so that her work could be taken seriously, since back then female writers were not particularly encouraged to put pen on paper.  If you are a literature student, this book is a classic to read and it is part of our core collection at the library.  I have seen ratings and read reviews from the public, and for the  most part they are not disappointed.  Not bad for roughly 900 pages!  I guess this book does have a small fan club after all  🙂

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