Running Blind


Running BlindWant a story that has an interesting twist at the end?  This novel is a mystery which will grab you the moment you start it right to the end, when we find out who is responsible for the deaths of the innocent female victims in the book.  Ex-military women are being killed and Jack Reacher (who is the main investigator) sets out to solve the crimes, knowing that the string of murders are all connected to each other and most likely committed by a serial killer.  He tries hard to find out the motive, while also preventing the next woman on the list from becoming prey to the dangerous mastermind’s plans.  What is not reassuring to Reacher is that he is made to look like he could be a suspect himself, since he also used to serve in the army and may have known these women on a name-to-name basis.  The crime scenes are disturbing and the methods of murder definitely show someone who is very twisted and clever at covering their tracks.  Join Reacher as he hurries along trying to save the next victim in trouble, whose time seems to be slipping away despite all his efforts and see how he outsmarts the real culprit (even though he seems to be running blind).  It will catch you off guard and you will notice how you couldn’t see the obvious answer playing out in front of your eyes.

HisLit title read-alikes:
Already read this one?  Here are three other novels in the same vein that may grab your attention.
Cross Fire by James Patterson
Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo
Say Goodbye by Lisa Gardner

HisLit author read-alikes:
The following suggestions made by Novelist are authors who might interest you if you have read everything from Lee Child and enjoyed his writing:
-James Lee Burke (He writes bleak stories about his introspective detectives who wrestle with personal demons.  His mysteries are straightforward and intertwine fast-paced action scenes with slower, lyrically written, scenes of introspection.  Start with A Stained White Radiance.)
-Reginald Hill (He writes edgy suspense novels that are fast-paced and feature intricately woven plots.  Start with Bones and Silence.)
-Michael Connelly (Connelly’s Harry Bosch, with his military background, keen intelligence, and obscure past, is a hero similar to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, despite the fact that he works for the L.A. police department. Connelly’s intelligent and descriptive writing and noir atmosphere will also appeal, as will Bosch’s preference for administering justice without the restrictions of legal regulations.  Start with The Black Echo.)

Hope I have kept you busy with a good amount of titles to consider.  Until next month’s HisLit pick, happy crime solving!

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