Millennium Trilogy & The Boy in the Suitcase

Book Pairing

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo    The Boy in the Suitcase

Although The Boy in the Suitcase is not part of a trilogy, it bears a strong resemblance to the themes that are present in Larsson’s novels.  First off, they both take place in Scandinavian countries: one in Sweden, the other Denmark.  Each book deals with a missing person where an amateur (journalist or Red Cross nurse, respectively) gets pulled into the crime and needs to solve what happened—while also avoiding dangerous threats to their own well being.  Both novels have identical structure in terms of how the story is written in third person and focuses on the different viewpoints from all the characters involved.  The details of how time is recorded throughout the books is also a similar thread.  As well, there is a big, strong and not so smart killer who is hired to do the “dirty” jobs in each story.  Horrific realities of the criminal world are present, no matter which title you pick up first: whether it be abuse of women, prostitution, drugs or organ trafficking.  Whatever the case, the authors of these suspenseful plot-lines keep you engaged.  Are the missing characters found or is it too late?  This question is answered by the end of the books.  If you liked the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, you will enjoy Kaaberbol and Friis’ work.

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