Phantom of the Opera

Book vs. Movie

Phantom of the Opera    The Phantom of the Opera (movie)

Another classic that has not only been made into a movie, but has been created for Broadway.  A 1925 film version of the book did come out before the first production hit the stage in 1976, but the real break for Leroux’s work happened when Andrew Lloyd Webber made the novel into an unforgettable experience mixing music and drama together.  The compositions from his creation became so popular, he even won the Tony award and Olivier award for the musical.  Although the 2004 movie leaves out many parts of the story (the book is really quite long because of the way it is written), it keeps the main facts pretty accurate.  This being said, we have to keep in mind that the movie is an adaptation of Webber’s onstage show—which in turn is an adaptation of Leroux’s book.  What is nice about the movie is that it does have the singing and music, like the Broadway production—with even a new song composed for the big screen called “Learn to be Lonely”.  The actors were really quite talented vocally in addition to their roles, which were very convincing and dramatic.  The cast chosen to portray the characters was indeed a good selection.  I wonder how the film would be if it just followed the story-line without any songs.  I guess I’d have to see the original one that came out in the 20’s.  Did anyone here see the original black and white version?  Did you like Gerard Butler as the Phantom for the most recent rendition?

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4 Responses to Phantom of the Opera

  1. Edith-Cecilia Varga says:

    Ah! Another story dear to my heart! Have not read the original book, but now I think I should look into it. I loved the musical and perhaps you may remember the TV mini series version with Charles Dance as the phantom, my favorite version of all time.

    • Melissa says:

      Yup, I remember it! I just really like the story line in general and of course I love good music, so this movie compliments the novel 🙂

  2. Donnetta Rowsell says:

    phantom of the opera is still one of the best plays ever, even by todays standards.,

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