Cutting for Stone & A Pigeon and a Boy

Book Pairing

Cutting for Stone     A Pigeon and a Boy

Besides the fact that these two novels were on huge waiting lists when they came out, there is more than just that factor to compare them to each other.  Both books take place in totally different locations and time frame, but they are stories of an epic nature.  What I mean when I say this is that each plot starts with the main characters’ lives from the minute they are born to their present situation as adults.  Family secrets are hidden in both novels, which only crop up near the end.  Love stories weave through each book in a complicated manner and it plays a major part of the secret, affecting the characters.  The narration is in first person for both titles and there is a definite pulling of heartstrings for each as well.  The tones are serious and deal with either a revolution in Ethiopia, or a war in Israel respectively.  The pacing for each storyline is slow, yet interesting and engaging.  The topics I mentioned above thread these novels together but the nice thing about them is that they do have their own style and personality, which makes them two completely different tales.

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