Snow White

Book vs. Movie

Snow White (book)     Snow White (movie)

This fairy tale movie had the same dark tone as the Red Riding Hood film.  It really does seem to take on the more serious view that the Grimm brothers had imagined when writing their version.  If one thing can be said, Disney’s version may have the evil queen and the poisonous apple, but it is intended for children.  The real folk tales were never truly meant to entertain, but to give a warning or teach a lesson to the young.  Snow White & the Huntsman makes a warrior out of Snow White, instead of just a princess who runs away and needs to be saved.  In the book, Snow White is just a child when the wicked queen wants the huntsman to kill her, but in the movie she is a young woman.  The huntsman is able to fool the queen at first in the story, but he does not even go back to her in the movie.  Snow White is tricked by an old lady to bite into the apple with the Grimm’s rendition, but she is fooled by the duke in the Hollywood version.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are dwarfs on the big screen too—with different, but funny names, nonetheless!  The ending also took me by surprise.  Whereas in the story, Snow White is saved and marries her Prince Charming, the movie crowns her as queen but there is no wedding.  In fact, we don’t even know who she prefers in the end: the duke or the huntsman.  Obviously, there are little differences throughout when comparing the two, but I have to say that the movie is a more modern spin on a classic tale.  I think I may prefer this remake to the original story or even the Disney version.  The actors were well chosen. How did you like it?

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