Map of Bones


Map of BonesDeath.  Adventure.  Secret cults.  A map leading to an unknown place that is hiding treasures?  Do you like action similar to Indiana Jones?  Well, this should feed your appetite.   Gray Pierce and a few members from the SIGMA force have found out about a select group of alchemists who have their own agenda about a religious artifact that they want to keep for themselves.  In the meantime, innocent people are being murdered to prove their point.  Pierce and his team need to find where this sect is hiding and what their next move is, before there are devastating results.  What starts off as an ordinary Christian celebration at a cathedral in Germany, soon becomes an eerie and disturbing plot to steal the artifact, where many die at the hands of the religious cult.  There is hardly any rest for the team, as they need to follow every incident that happens in quick succession and avoid being targeted themselves.  But someone is onto Pierce’s plan and as he gets closer to the target, the SIGMA members’ lives become more endangered.  Fast paced and thrilling till the very end, Rollins has a way to keep you from putting the book down!

HisLit title read-alikes:
If you already read Map of Bones, perhaps you would like a book that has the same type of action or themes.  Here are a few suggestions:
The Faculty Club by Danny Tobey
Relic: the Quest for the Golden Shrine by Tom Egeland
Strindberg’s Star by Jan Wallentin

HisLit author read-alikes:
Here are other authors that write in the same vein as Rollins.  If you have read all of Rollins’ work, perhaps you can leap to these similar writers:
-Douglas J. Preston (he offers action-packed, twisting plots along with sympathetic protagonists pitted against human and/or inhuman evils and atmospheric, yet real-world settings.  Diverse areas of study such as paleontology, archaeology, hard science and more are central to his narrative context.  Start with Tyrannosaur Canyon.)
-Clive Cussler (he is the quintessential Adventure writer, with books that convey the tension of a hero on a mission, marshalling the troops, overcoming obstacles and villains, and ultimately saving the day (and the world).  In each book, Cussler presents a historical curiosity, which is similar to what Rollins does.  Start with Atlantis Found.)
-Will Adams (he writes suspense stories with adventure, usually involving ancient artifacts or historical events.  Start with The Alexander Cipher.)

After you’ve read these novels you can be sure that you’ll feel like an Indiana Jones and might even be sweating!  If you love chasing down ancient relics while also combating adversity, you’ll love the action these books bring.

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