Angels Flight


Angels FlightDo you like the pace and suspense of Law and Order?  If you do, you’ll probably like this story.  This is one of Connelly’s earlier mystery cases featuring LAPD officer, Harry Bosch.  As with all mysteries, there is a murder and it is up to Bosch and his team to uncover the evidence that will ultimately lead to the suspect.  The only problem here is that the culprit can be almost anyone on the LAPD team.  The victim is an African American lawyer who was well known among the officers as a hot shot representative for lawsuits involving racism cases against the police.  It so happens that on the eve of one of the most important trials to take place, the lawyer is killed.  Bosch is led through twists and turns while trying to solve the puzzle and has to stay on his toes, avoiding any hard feelings or offence from his colleagues.  Suddenly, a regular homicide procedure becomes a touchy subject in the office and Bosch has to tread lightly if he is to bring the right person to justice.  The motivation is practically clear, but finding the killer will take more skill than expected.

HisLit title read-alikes:
After reading Angels Flight you may want to read the following titles, since they have to do with crime investigation by the police as well and (in some cases) face similar circumstances.
Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby by Ace Atkins
The Woman in the Yard by Stephen E. Miller
L.A. Requiem by Robert Crais

HisLit author read-alikes:
If you like the themes of Michael Connelly’s work or have read all of them and want to move onto something similar, here are three other authors that you may enjoy:
-Ian Rankin (like Connelly, Rankin produces gripping stories of an investigator whose tenacious, hard-living, hard-working qualities are matched only by his resistance to authority.  His fiercely independent hero whose obsession with justice comes at great personal costs feature in his police Mysteries with complex plots, psychological depth, harsh realism and a touch of wistful poetry.  Start with Knots & Crosses.)
-George P. Pelecanos (Fans of Michael Connelly’s gritty and intricate mysteries will want to try the hard-boiled fiction of George P. Pelecanos.  Both authors feature detectives who are doggedly thorough and relentless in their pursuit of fairness.  Start with The Big Blowdown.)
-Jonathan Kellerman (Both Kellerman and Connelly set their gritty and suspenseful crime series in a darkly drawn and atmospheric Los Angeles.  Investigative techniques, vividly-drawn characters, complex and twisted story lines, and building suspense characterize both series.  Start with When the Bough Breaks.)

You’ll be ready to join the detectives in the police force once you read a few of these.  Happy investigating!

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