The Twelfth Enchantment & Midnight Bride

Book Pairing

The Twelfth Enchantment     Midnight Bride

It’s quite fun to read historical fiction with a touch of spells.  These two titles have that, with humor and romance added to the mix.  For sure, The Night Circus has magic in it and takes place in the 1800’s but the characters in that tale are not living among the people in town and they are also not dealing with ancient enchantments or alchemy—which was a very big practice and belief in the past.  When reading The Twelfth Enchantment, it very much reminded me of North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell because of the millworkers having a hard time with the industrial revolution in London.  Other than that, it is different from Liss’ plot.  Although Carroll’s book is more of a historical romance,  Midnight Bride focuses on the love story between the protagonists who have special powers to either heal or conjure spells.  In Liss’ novel, the main character, Lucy finds out that she has the ability to cast spells by just combining simple ingredients of herbs and metals.  She forces herself to set a love spell on a man that she actually despises, while Kate (in the second novel) uses an ancient love spell to help change her destiny.  Both stories take place in England, feature likable characters and have funny moments, despite the dramatic obstacles faced.  They have the same feel when you read them and ultimately have happy endings.

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