Luka and the Fire of Life

Five Star Pick

Luka and the Fire of LifeIf you want something like The Life of Pi but written for people of all ages to enjoy, this book is a keeper!  The novel is so entertaining, cute and funny that you root for the 12 year old boy, Luka, who desperately tries to get the fire of life before his father slips into an eternal sleep.  Luka is accompanied on his quest by his animal companions: a dog named Bear and a bear called Dog.  He has to hurdle through physical tests and face riddles by a troll, all the while floating on a magic carpet to get to his destination.  He is followed by a ghostly man (strangely resembling his father), known as Nobadaddy and receives advice from a beautiful queen (who looks exactly like his mother).  As he battles the hardships to reach his goal (racking up points as if he were in a video game), Luka learns what he is made of and a certain lesson about life:  sometimes the harsh reality of death cannot be avoided or slowed down, no matter what you do.  He accepts his fate and does his best.  This is a wonderful tale that presents courage and hope in the face of despair and madness.  Listening to it is all the more fun because the narrator does a splendid job with the characters’ voices.  An enchanted story that will carry you away and make you smile!

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