The Greatest Show on Earth

A Five Star Pick

The Greatest Show on EarthBesides the cover being breathtaking, the content in Dawkins’ book is definitely worth looking over and contemplating.  His findings from studying research really bring to light how all species are connected—including humans.  This is not to say that we came from apes.  His point is basically that we share a similar ancestry.  As much as he is known as an atheist, the author stays away from that argument and focuses on the beauty of life and how it is created from scratch.  Through illustrations and photos we are shown how evolution is present and cannot be ignored.  The language is pretty simple and the information he provides is easy to understand, keeping us interested all the way until the conclusion.  Even the most religious people cannot deny how the beginnings of life is made in the book and how even humans have adapted throughout the centuries just by their ways of thinking and creation of technology.  In short, we are all evolving constantly and continue to find ways to survive in this changing world, which is enough evidence for me.  Dawkins closely examines Darwin’s theories of natural selection, survival of the fittest and his other works from The Origin of Species.  Life is indeed the greatest show on earth—and it’s free!  If you are interested to see how evolution plays its role on this planet, check this book out.  You will be enlightened by the facts.

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