Sookie Stackhouse novels & A Discovery of Witches

Book Pairing

Dead Until Dark      The Discovery of Witches

I think this pairing is fitting for the month of October.  I am a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, which have helped to create the script for the HBO hit series True Blood.  I have to say that I do not follow the TV show and when I did happen to see an episode or two by chance, I wasn’t really impressed.  I am more at home with the novels.  I have tried to listen to every title that has come out, and listening to them is so much more entertaining than reading them!  The narrator does every character’s accent very well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the different supernatural creatures in her stories that I thought I might like Harkness’ book.  There are definitely threads that link them together.  For one, supernatural relationships are the focus of Harris and Harkness’ novels.  There are witches and vampires in both and a mystery that keeps forcing these characters to interact with each other.  The setting is contemporary: the former taking place in Louisiana, while the latter is set in both London and Paris.  To tie everything up, there is the element of romance in each one.  Even though the first usually revolves around solving a murder, while the second has to do with ancient manuscripts and alchemy, the tone for both are the same.  Chances are if you like following Sookie’s adventures, you may want to join Diana on her quest as well.

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