The Historian

Five Star Pick

The HistorianThis is the perfect novel to discuss just before Halloween.  If you enjoy the classic stories of Dracula or are into vampire literature, this will pull you in.  This is no “Twilight” kind of fiction—those books can be found among a whole other type of genre, which has a different fan base.  Instead, its tone is very much along the lines of Bram Stoker.  It is not so much about famous Vlad the Impaler, but the search for his existence.  Did he really live and does he still roam the earth today?  Certainly the letters which are addressed to you as the reader, give clues as to whether he is in hiding and is inviting you to find him.  In summary, the novel is about three different attempts in history to find Dracula.  The third experience is told to us through the eyes of a woman who recalls searching for Vlad when she finds an interesting book on her father’s desk.  She is young at the time and eager to pick up where her father left off.  Her father is a professor and she has never really known her mother.  Her father’s reluctance to discuss her mother’s whereabouts are tied to the quest he went on years before.  Kostova’s work succeeded in giving me chills with the whole mystery and hunt of the most popular man in Transylvania.  There are the Gothic settings of Europe and a conclusion that ties everything together.  Everyone in the story is a researcher or historian, but we realize what the title truly represents by the end.  Even though it is a big volume, the tale keeps you wanting to know more, so it won’t take you very long to read (especially if you are in the mood to get the creeps).

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