London Bridges

Movel of the Month

London BridgesAlex Cross is at it again.  This book is not the most recent one in the series (in fact, it is the tenth) but when I decided to read it, I understood what was happening in the story just the same.  It is clear that Cross is a psychologist on the police force, who is able to assess certain crimes or deal with unusual suspects.  This has made him popular and also the target of many criminals.  In this particular novel he is outsmarted by two masterminds instead of one: the Weasel and the Wolf.  In fact, both are already known to the CIA, FBI and Interpol from previous cases that were never closed.  When the largest cities of the world have been taken over by terrorists, Cross needs all the help he can get to take the leaders down once and for all.  There is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, while also make your brow sweat and brain work overtime trying to figure out the next moves on all sides.  In short, the book will keep you guessing till the very end and you hope that all fares well with Cross and the threatened cities.  Seeing that there are tons more novels in the series that follow this one, there is no doubt he survives.  How he does it is the more critical and fun question.  Several of Patterson’s books have been made into popular movies on the big screen, so it might be worth reading his novels.  The most recent film playing in theaters right now is Alex Cross.

HisLit title read-alikes:
Assuming that you read this book and enjoyed the theme, you may want to try other titles with a similar kick.  Here are some novels that can be just as good as Patterson’s series.
The Ignorance of Blood by Robert Wilson
No Witnesses by Ridley Pearson
Against All Enemies by Tom Clancy

HisLit author read-alikes:
These following authors will trip your suspense sensors.  Get your psychological thrill going with the help of their books.
-Jeffery Deaver (His gripping suspense novels rival those of James Patterson–both write stories characterized by clever plot twists, memorable characters, menacing atmospheres, psychological overtones, and often nightmarish qualities.  Start with The Bone Collector.)
-Jonathan Kellerman (He writes gritty, suspenseful series that combine psychological insights into crime and criminals with police procedures. As with Patterson, he has vividly drawn characters, page-turning pacing, and cinematic story lines that create compelling and twisted crime stories filled with violence and grisly details.  Start with When the Bough Breaks.)
-Ridley Pearson (He features serial murders, series detective protagonists, bleak outlooks, graphic violence, and psychological implications, though his novels are more densely written and reflective in tone than those of Patterson.  Start with Probable Cause.)

With writers such as the ones mentioned above, you are sure to keep your psyche occupied with thrilling suspense.  Just remember to give your brain a rest if you start getting paranoid or thinking too much!

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