Charlotte’s Web

Book vs. Movie

Charlotte's Web (book)      Charlotte's Web (movie)

It’s much more fun to see your favorite animal characters talking on screen in “real life” than just seeing a cartoon or animated version—don’t you think?  Of course in the latest movie rendition (2006) of E.B. White’s classic for children, computer technology is involved but it is a pretty damn good job that makes all the animals look realistic when they speak!  The magic truly comes alive through the film, which captures the plot and follows the story line quite accurately.  Imagine a spider with Julia Robert’s voice: would you think twice about stepping on her?  I think the real message that is brought out through the illustrations in the book but more effectively in the movie, is that spider webs are truly works of art in nature.  Although Charlotte is a one-of-a-kind arachnid by using her web to “speak” to the people, the beauty of her dew dropped silky patterns allow the townsfolk to pay attention to Wilbur (who, as we all know, is in trouble of becoming the next Christmas meal).  I thought the voices picked for the animals on the farm were well chosen and the screen version just made me remember why I loved the book so much!  If you like this movie, you’ll probably also enjoy an older pig movie called Babe.  It is one of my favorites too and was based on the book The Sheep-pig, written by Dick King-Smith.  If you are starting to feel warm and fuzzy inside from the upcoming holiday season, you should take a look at these two DVDs.  You don’t need to be a kid to watch them—if you are an animal (pig) lover as I am, you will not need any encouraging.

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4 Responses to Charlotte’s Web

  1. Edith-Cecilia Varga says:

    If I had words to make a day for you, I sing you a morning golden and new
    I would make this day last for all time
    Give you a night deep in moonshine 🙂

  2. Edith-Cecilia Varga says:

    Saw both piggy movies and read Charlotte’s web as a youngster and as an adult. Each made me cry. Every. Time.

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