Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom

A Five Star Pick

Unlikely FriendshipsThis is an amazing book about friendship!  Notice, there are not even any humans on the cover.  There aren’t many in between the pages, either.  When I saw it on the display shelf at the library, I knew I had to take a peek.  Occasionally, I have heard of tales in the news about strange relationships between animals and this book just confirms them.  Some stories totally blew me away, such as the companionship between the rat snake and the hamster! Or how about seeing an Asiatic Black Bear roaming around with a black cat?  What if you saw a greyhound hanging out with a long-eared owlet?  In some cases, there are more than two species involved in the friendships.  You need to see these photos to believe it.  The way each animal gets introduced to the other and how they form a bond is remarkable.  What I find most sobering and emotional is the fact that no matter what differences these animals have—in some cases literally being predator and prey—they respect each other and enjoy the company they receive.  A lesson every human should heed, especially with the many different languages, cultures and religions that exist in this world.  Peace can be an option and it seems to work very well even in the animal kingdom in some instances.  Maybe we should start looking to THEM for advice on world issues.  This wonderful collection of tales brings tears to the eyes and hope to the heart.  Since it is packed with photos and snippets of “odd couple” stories, it would be a great gift idea for animal lovers.  Definitely one to recommend. 

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