The Crimson Petal and the White

A Five Star Pick

The Crimson Petal and the WhiteI finally get to talk about this fabulous book!  It is as thick as a brick, but don’t let the size intimidate you.  This is one of my favorite historical novels of all time.  If you enjoy reading about Victorian London and the hard life of prostitutes, you have found yourself a gem!  I got sucked immediately into Sugar’s story and her employment at the brothel.  What turns her world around is a particular client (William Rackham) who pays extra just to have her all for himself.  He is a perfume magnate who already has a wife and child, but his infatuation with Sugar drives him to protect her at all costs, eventually buying a private place that she can reside in.  Even though she is spoiled by William and gets to experience the status of high society, she somehow feels like she is no longer free—as if she is a trapped bird.  She realizes that freedom is more tempting to her than an exquisite lifestyle.  What she decides to do next will keep you up till 2 am, just to read the conclusion.  You will also find yourself rooting for her but feeling sad that the tale has ended.  Fear not Sugar fans, there are more stories in Faber’s The Apple: Crimson Petal Stories that continue her adventures and those of the other entertaining characters.  I was also excited to find out that Faber’s book was an inspiration to the BBC mini-series, which I need to get my hands on, since we don’t have it at the library.  Yes, there are quite a bit of sexy and steamy scenes, but compared to Fifty Shades of Grey, they are relatively tame—not to mention that the writing cannot be compared!  What does this novel have to do with the holidays?  Absolutely nothing, but I wanted to write about a title that makes me happy and might just be found under my Christmas tree 🙂

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