The Inquisitor

Movel of the Month

The InquisitorSomeone is taking advantage of the cancer patients at St. Paul’s Hospital and Dr. Garnet is ready to put his new position as VP Medical on the line, to get to the bottom of the mysteries reported from the Palliative Care floor.  Inexplicable near-death experiences are quickly becoming the norm among the patients who are suffering from cancer, and the nursing staff are not too willing to divulge any information.  In the meantime, the hospital is facing a SARS threat, where extra measures need to be taken to keep staff and patients from contracting the highly contagious disease.  Garnet is also the chief doctor in ER and has an obstetrician wife expecting their second child in a couple of months, so his schedule is becoming quite hectic.  Can he keep the hospital running smoothly after being accused of prematurely ending a patient’s life, while also catching the real killer?  This novel was like a mix between the TV shows ER and Grey’s Anatomy, with a touch of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, not to mention murder.  It was another medical thriller that I very much enjoyed.  There are descriptions of hospital scenes that mention human organs and blood, as well as medical terminology and emergencies—but that’s what keeps the adrenaline going, I guess.  If you haven’t tried this one, I suggest you borrow it.

HisLit title read-alikes:
If you did happen to read this one and want to find another book that is similar, check out these other titles.
The Magic Bullet by Andrew Neiderman
A Case of Need by Michael Crichton
Mortal Fear by Robin Cook

HisLit author read-alikes:
If you enjoy Canadian author Peter Clement, you may like these other authors who have the same style and themes as him:
-Daniel Kalla (His work usually involves medical settings, physicians and murder investigations.  Start with Rage Therapy.)
-Keith McCarthy (Although his books are primarily mystery novels, they include intricate medical plots that are fast-paced, offbeat and witty—similar to Clement.  Start with Nor All Your Tears.)
-Leonard S. Goldberg (His titles are also found in the mystery genre rather than the straight-out medical thriller, but his suspenseful medical stories are compelling as much as the mysteries that need to be solved in them.  Start with Deadly Care.)

I liked Peter Clement’s novel almost as much as I enjoyed Michael Palmer’s The Fifth Vial, so I would be inclined to read these two authors again.  Medical thrillers or mysteries seem to tug at a part of me that is fascinated with topics that I normally wouldn’t catch myself dead in—excuse the pun!  I guess I don’t like hospitals and medical issues in real life, so this is truly a way to escape into another reality.  How ’bout you?

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