Oink: My Life With Mini-pigs

A Five Star Pick

Oink: My Life with Mini-pigsIs this book as cute and funny as the cover?  Well, I’ll let you be the judge.  Seeing that the author is apparently more well known for writing young adult books, it can almost be read as a novel.  This is the only work we have of British novelist Whyman but it is entertaining.  I picked it up because I am smitten with pigs, especially piglets!  When I saw the cover, it won me over.  Although I wished that the memoir focused more on the pigs than the family’s life, it still was very funny and even sad at times.  One thing I did take away from this book, however, was that it isn’t easy to breed pigs or to keep them from making noise in your yard when they are hungry!  Mini-pigs, like puppies, also like to eat and chew on things and they have the instinct to root for buried stuff (like truffles)—so be aware if you want to keep them in the house.  This book, in fact, had me wondering if everything in it was true because it really played out like a story, with interesting characters and unbelievable incidents.  Whatever the case, you will be humored and think twice before getting one of these cute piggies—unless you really do live on a farm and are looking to make your life a little more challenging!

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