The Girls

A Five Star Pick

The Girls

I don’t think a book has ever affected me as this one has—in terms of looking at the world with acceptance and just enjoying the life you are living, no matter what the challenges.  Imagine being a craniopagus twin who has made it to 29 (this being a rare feat for the condition) and you are about to celebrate your 30th birthday with your conjoined sister, who is attached to you by the head.  Rose and Ruby are in that exact predicament but they both reflect on their lives without any regrets and they know they would never want to live any other way from what they have been used to.  The sisterly bond is clear in the story.  They support each other (physically and emotionally), protect and love one another—even though they are quite different in personality and tastes.  For reasons that I won’t give away here, we learn about their childhood and interesting relationships with others.  Did you ever want to know how twins like these live a normal life?  Even if Lansens’ novel is fiction, what a wonderful way to give readers a glimpse of how it can really be.  In the end, we are touched and indeed even optimistic about life, despite the sad events that Rose and Ruby face in their lives.  After reading this story, I was inspired and wished that they had lived for real because they would definitely be characters to admire and worth knowing.  If you haven’t read this one yet, it is time!

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2 Responses to The Girls

  1. Jessica says:

    This book sounds very touching and uplifting!

    • Melissa says:

      It is! It is quite a story. Anyone who has a sister will appreciate it even more, perhaps. Plus, the twins work at a library! Can it get any better for me? 🙂

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