Making Rounds With Oscar

A Five Star Pick

Making Rounds with OscarYou may look at your cat differently after you finish reading this book.  It may also make you feel a little on edge if your cat suddenly expresses intense interest to stay around you—but I think this applies more to people who are already quite ill.  If you don’t know what I am referring to, I am talking about how this one amazing cat (Oscar) uses his sixth sense to predict when someone is ready to die.  Am I starting to make you squirm a bit?  The book explains how Oscar was adopted by the Steere House nursing home in Rhode Island, where he began to hone in on his uncanny ability at three years old to determine when someone was about to leave this world.  Doctors and staff were certainly shocked when they found out that the tabby’s predictions never failed but they were also grateful to borrow his services when family members needed to be informed just before the death of a loved one.  It also gave comfort to family members that their loved one did not die alone because Oscar would provide his company and warmth in the last hours of life.  Talk about animals being a form of medicine or healing!  It makes me want to ask if all cats in care facilities would have this ability to foresee the death of patients.  It definitely could be something to consider, as felines can be more than just mouse catchers.  This was a heartwarming story, which also reinforced the idea that cats do have an extra sense beyond what humans can provide—even with all the technology in the world!  Sometimes, all you need is a furry friend.

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