More Than a Mistress & The Duchess

Book Pairing

More Than a Mistress     The Duchess

If you think that I am comparing these two books just because they are both historical romances, then you would be wrong.  It is not just a thread (or a red cover) which makes them a match.  They both take place during the Regency era and are close neighbors with regards to setting.  The first novel takes place in England, while the second is set in Scotland.  Both have to do with royalty, or the issue of women marrying Dukes.  Also, each female character unexpectedly falls in love.  In fact, Jane (from the first story) is quite obstinate and tries to deny her feelings for the Duke of Tresham, whom has been wounded in a duel and whom she is nursing.  Claire (in the second tale), on the other hand, has been promised her hand in marriage to the Duke of MacArran but has eyes for a mysterious man living on the estate instead.  I really enjoyed reading each romance—I am partial to historical backdrops but I am also a sucker for happy love stories, which have witty humor mixed in.  In that way, they are similar to each other as well.  Pick them up.  You will not be disappointed—they make for great light reading!

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