The Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots & Abundance

Book Pairing

Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots    Abundance

Let me say that there are only two things distinguishing these novels—setting and time frame.  The former takes place mostly in Scotland and England (1500’s), whereas the latter is set in France during the 1700’s.  Both books are written in first person (from the main character’s point of view) and each lady finds herself ultimately in the same predicament: a gruesome beheading.  In the first story, Mary is betrayed by Queen Elizabeth and in the second scenario, Marie Antoinette is proclaimed a traitor.  They both die at relatively the same age (Mary was 44; Marie Antoinette was 37) and they even share the same first name!  Granted, their situations as queens were different because of the circumstances and political issues surrounding them during their reign but they both seemed to have been very unlucky women, whom everybody wanted dead in the end.  We do get a sense of history and the conflicts that were facing Europe in those eras but we also have the opportunity to read what these queens might have been thinking while they ruled.  If you are interested in royalty and history, both titles are quite entertaining reads.

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