The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women

A Five Star Pick

The Beauty MythNow I know this is quite an older book but I have never spoken about it and I need to mention how, sadly, it is still relevant today.  This is a classic title concerning the age old topic of women’s self-image and in the end—how far (or not) women have come in today’s society.  I don’t mean to bash men with this post.  Even the book is not about that.  What it does cover is the fact that social media has made women think of themselves as people who should continually strive to look better than they do.  There is too much pressure from the outside world that damages young girls and women into believing that they are not beautiful if they are overweight, old, do not wear make-up (or have a wonderful hairstyle), or if they have small breasts.  The images of women that society is forced to view also encourages men to think a certain way when they look at the opposite sex.  It even harbors animosity and jealousy among women themselves.  Twenty-two years after Wolf’s work was originally published, there still hasn’t been much change.  Yes, there are now campaigns to encourage ladies to feel beautiful about themselves no matter what size or shape (such as what Dove has been trying to do lately) but counteracting this will always be the commercials with hot ladies or TV broadcasts of Miss America (which, in my opinion should not even exist anymore).  As long as these things persist, women will feel the need to struggle with their self-image and their self-esteem.  I wish everyone could read this book.  Pick it up—it is by no means outdated!

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