BoneMan’s Daughters

Movel of the month

BoneMan's DaughtersIf you want to read a psychological thriller, this one would suffice.  It could also be considered a novel in the Horror genre.  Not only are there disturbing moments but there is also a very twisted protagonist in the book, whose hatred for parents (in general) go beyond any expectations.  He is known as the BoneMan and he has kidnapped teenage girls in succession, so that he could kill them by breaking all the bones in their bodies until they die.  He wants to find the ultimate “daughter” so that he can be a perfect father to her.  When they do not live up to his standards, he does away with them in a most tortuous way.  The irony is that he has never been a father himself, so his logic is tainted.  The bigger problem is that an innocent man was framed for BoneMan’s murders and now that the wrong person has finally been let go, the serial killer is at it again.  Unfortunately, a new suspect is targeted—who is also innocent but all clues seem to point to him.  Ryan Evans has just come back from a mission in the Afghan desert (working for the U.S. military) where he has been held as a hostage and endured a traumatizing experience.  His mind has gone through stress and he is desperate to get back to his estranged wife and adopted daughter, Bethany.  When  he arrives home, however, he is rejected and then the worst thing happens—Bethany is kidnapped by BoneMan and Evans is wrongly accused.  It will take everything in Evans’ power to stay sane while he tries to find the killer himself within a short period of time and win back his daughter’s admiration, if not love.

HisLit title read-alikes:
If you read this one and wanted something similar, the following are a few suggestions.
Robert Ludlum’s the Ares Decision by Kyle Mills
Private by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
Full Black by Brad Thor

HisLit author read-alikes:
Here are some authors who write in the same vein as Ted Dekker.
-Peter Straub (Like Dekker, Peter Straub deftly blends suspense and speculative fiction in gripping and remarkably imaginative novels.  Straub’s stories feature thoroughly realized settings and captivating characters.  His books are less overtly moralistic than Dekker’s, and they do include explicit language and sex.  Start with Koko.)
-Stephen King (His works are suspenseful, compelling and character-driven, just like Dekker.  King is also known as the “king of Horror”.  Start with his classic, The Shining.)
-Dean Koontz (His novels blend elements of many genres, combining suspense with horror, fantasy and thrillers to create a menacing atmosphere and nightmarish tone.   Koontz’s like-able protagonists may have paranormal abilities or are somehow haunted by events they do not understand.  These unsettling stories are often filled with explicit violence and strong language.  Start with Watchers.)

This type of thriller was a little different from some of the HisLit material I have been reading lately.  The right words to describe it are: creepy and dark.  Though I have read disturbing thrillers, this one is on the borderline of horror—I think because of the serial killer and the specific victims (young girls).  It was still interesting to read but I may pick something lighter next time.

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