Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? & Galore

Book Pairing

Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?     Galore

You may not think there is anything that can compare these two titles to each other but if you have read them, you can see a link.  What struck me with both novels is that they go back a little in time to the beginnings of a family who settles on Canadian soil to thrive in the new country.  The first book is more contemporary and takes place on the West coast of Canada, while the second novel is historical and is set in Newfoundland.  We see in both stories how the families struggle to survive in a new place to either be accepted or stay alive physically.  Another small thread shared between the two is the tragedies that befall each family, respectively.  They are clearly different types of fiction as one can be considered part Indian fiction, whereas the other can be regarded as having magical realism and folklore intertwined in the plot.  No matter what their differences, I think they are written well and good literary works.  For fans of Thrity Umrigar, Badami’s books are a great suggestion and for those who like Isabel Allende, Crummey’s novel is a nice alternative.

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