One Perfect Day: the Selling of the American Wedding

A Five Star Pick

One Perfect DayAhhh … Summer and love.  July is usually the busiest time for matrimonial celebrations and I am sure, if you are getting married this year, you are aware of how pricey things can be.  This book actually talks about how the wedding industry is sucking every penny they can from couples who are so smitten that they will be willing to pay anything for their ONE special day.  Basically, Mead is pointing out how easily and fast the bill can add up without you noticing and there is so much hype out there to entice you to purchase services that you may regret later (especially with the rate of divorce these days).  If you are like me, you will scrutinize every single thing about the big day and realize that you can find really wonderful ways to save money but still have a memorable occasion.  If you have been suckered into the whirlwind of services, this book may help you rethink some choices you have made—provided it is not too late.  Take it from Mead: some things are just way overpriced and not necessary, but only you can be the judge of that.  Her book was enjoyable for me because I had avoided going overboard with my marriage preparations and after reading it,  I felt confident with my final decisions.  You may get some useful information about what the real intentions of those trying to sell you the “big dream wedding” are.  Not getting married or have already wed your soul mate?  The book is still interesting because you get to see (as a person on the outside) how manipulative the industry can be.  What if you are getting married?  My words of wisdom: be cautious, happy … and congratulations!

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