A Five Star Pick

MidwivesThe disturbing incident that happens in this book and the aftermath of its consequences can certainly make one pensive but it also allows one to feel sympathy for the mother of the main character.  The controversial issue is actually recalled by Connie, who is now an obstetrician and who looks back on what happened to her mother on one cold day in Vermont.  When Connie was 13, her mother was fighting the justice system as a midwife because she was accused of killing a woman while trying to help deliver a baby through C-section.  The circumstances for Connie’s mom were unfortunately unfavorable, the day she was called to a house to perform her midwife duties.  The weather was not on her side when complications arose and so she was forced to make a decision which would guarantee the survival of the baby but not necessarily the mother giving birth.  It is up to us as readers to determine whether midwifery is as reliable as obstitrics and to figure out if what Connie’s mother chose to do was either right or wrong.  No matter what your beliefs, you will enjoy the way it is written.  It is an intense novel that will keep you engrossed till the end.  Bohjalian usually has a knack of doing that with his titles.

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