Left Neglected

A Five Star Pick

Left NeglectedSometimes, when you are very busy, things just seem to hurry along without the awareness of other stuff going on around you.  That usually means if you have a hectic work schedule or active life, your family may take the back seat, even though that was never your intention.  In other instances, you may be so caught up in your daily grind that you feel the pressure to eat while getting dressed, brush your teeth while reading the newspaper, or even check your phone while driving in rush hour.  The last act is what gets Sarah Nickerson into a car accident, which luckily leaves her alive but damaged.  As a career woman, wife and mother of three, Sarah’s life is literally turned upside down and she is left to fend for herself when she must overcome an injury that has affected the right side of her brain.  The condition she experiences because of the brain trauma is called “left neglect”.  Her own relationship with her mother has been estranged for the longest time but it becomes stronger when she is visited daily in the hospital.  Sarah even begins to rely on her mother’s presence and help.  As she struggles to get better so that she can return to work as soon as possible, Sarah eventually realizes that her job may not be everything she dreamed of.  Looking at her situation and not knowing how complete her recovery will be, she starts thinking of a different way of living and the question of work is no longer at the forefront.  During her therapy sessions, she has time to contemplate about what really matters and decides to never take anything for granted again.  As readers, we wonder whether Sarah’s predicament is more of a blessing instead of a curse.  This book is Genova’s second novel and it opens your eyes while making you laugh, despite the tragic situation.  In short, it is a feel-good story.

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